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The New Benchmark for Enterprise grade eHS ECOSYSTEM


Operaio edile al tramonto

Professional Wearables for Industry 4.0

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Cloud Link

Always Connected with the Safety Cloud via Major Communication Technology.

Advanced Safety

Health & Safety Hub for your Worker with the advanced AI and M2M Core.

Industry 4.0

The Key to carry Industry 4.0 Goals.

Enabling operational and digital functionalities togheter with HSE Tools.

Infinite Versatility

Privacy by Design

We Protect privacy of company and workers by design with a dedicated privacy server.

Cloud Link

Always Connected with the Safety Cloud via Major Communication Technology.

Advanced Security

With Secure Area to store the Personal Information, the Badge is a powerfull Secure Token for your Company.

Over the Top Security and Safety Functionality

The Next Step for Security Token for your Company.

SOS Button, Multi-Functional LED, Social Distance, Access Control, ManDown, Advanced Feedback.

Hi-Level Customizzation for several Use-Cases.

UWB Ready

Ultra Wide Band is the uptodate wireless Technology available on the market, enabling new security scenarios also infrastructure less.

First IoT Industry 4.0 UWB Badge


Workers Equipment

Lorenzo Workers Setup.png

M2M Ecosystem

All our devices are integrated in ONE user experience and are interconnected, you can build your kit depending on safety and processes needs

No Expansion Limits, Lifetime System.

We are an engineering company, designing hardware, embedded software, cloud platform, so we can build whichever solution you need for safety, digital processes, operations automations and welfare you need.

Continuous Improvement Patenting HSE R&D

AI Safety

The AI Safety Engine analyzes the various events detected by wearables to prevent Dangerous Conditions

Accidents or


fatigue, stress,

fainting or illness


Usage of PPE

Dangerous Zone

or Enviorments



deep Technology know-how

Control Room Dashboard

Customizable For All Use Case


Get insights to Ensure Wide Awareness from each working day making a step forward to become Safer and more Efficient

Monitor Workers

and Areas

in Real Time

Real-TIme Alarms

from Accident

and Zone Sensor

Setup Policy


and Capacity

Hystorical Statistics

for Area Sensor or 


use case like

Contact Tracing


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